How it works


When you sign-up for the Wild Explorers Club, you'll be able to access our official Outpost website with weekly assignments to complete. A new assignment will appear on the site each week, and our wilderness rangers will email you every other week with reminders. At the end of the assignments, you'll get access to an online application in order to move onto the next level and get free your free, embroidered patch in the mail.

The program is divided into 10 animal-levels that represent 10 core values. You'll receive a free patch in the mail at the completion of each level. (Additional patches can be purchased for $8 in a secret store.)

Here are the 10 levels of Wild Explorers Club:

  1. Wolf - Embrace the Life of an Explorer
  2. Bobcat - Be Relentlessly Curious
  3. Bear - Learn New Things
  4. Elk - Care For Others
  5. Fox - Know How Things Work
  6. Bison - Read Great Books
  7. Beaver - See the Adventure in Everything
  8. Owl - Discover Your Passion
  9. Hawk - Make Awesome Things
  10. Eagle - Travel to New Places

When you complete the entire program, you'll receive an exclusive trophy with the Wild Explorers logo.