The Wild Explorers Club is a monthly, online adventure program designed to ignite a heart for exploration and wonder in our kids. The assignments are intended for kids ages 6-12, but younger children can participate with the help of their parents.

The cost of the Wild Explorers Club is $14/mo and includes:

  • Weekly adventure assignments for each animal level
  • A monthly "Wild Explorers" print magazine in the mail (US & Canada)
  • A free logo patch in the mail when you start (US & Canada)
  • A free patch per account after applying for each animal level (US & Canada)
  • Certificates for completing the weekly assignments
  • A weekly assignment video from Ranger Kyle
  • And other adventure content on the Outpost website


What Age Group Is This Program Designed For?
This program was designed for kids ages 6-12. However, younger children can also participate with their parents' help. At the end of each level, you'll get access to an online application where you can apply to move onto the next set of assignments.

Do I Need to Buy a Membership For Each Child in My Family?
Not at all. The account and emails will address your entire family, and multiple kids can participate in the program together. You can print multiple certificates and purchase additional patches (a link will appear after you complete each level).

Do You Ship Magazines and Patches Internationally?
Right now, we only ship magazines and patches to the USA and Canada. However, you'll be able to download certificates and get access to a PDF version of the magazine.

How Do I Earn the Patches?
After your child completes each level, we'll send you a free patch in the mail. You'll also receive a link to our "secret store" where you can purchase additional patches for $8.

How Long Does it Take to Complete the Program?
The Wild Explorers Club takes 24 months to complete from start to finish if you complete one assignment each week. You'll get access to one assignment a week for two years. The weekly assignments will pause at the end of each level until you apply for the badge.

What if I Need to Cancel?
No problem. Simply log-in to your account and click the "my account" page. There's a cancellation link at the bottom. If you decide to re-join at a later date, just send us an email at info@wildexplorersclub.com and we'll get you started right where you left off.


How it works


When you sign-up for the Wild Explorers Club, you'll be able to access our official Outpost website with weekly assignments to complete. A new assignment will appear on the site each week, and our wilderness rangers will email you every other week with reminders. At the end of the assignments, you'll get access to an online application in order to move onto the next level and get free your free, embroidered patch in the mail.

The program is divided into 10 animal-levels that represent 10 core values. You'll receive a free patch in the mail at the completion of each level. (Additional patches can be purchased for $8 in a secret store.)

Here are the 10 levels of Wild Explorers Club:

  1. Wolf - Embrace the Life of an Explorer
  2. Bobcat - Be Relentlessly Curious
  3. Bear - Learn New Things
  4. Elk - Care For Others
  5. Fox - Know How Things Work
  6. Bison - Read Great Books
  7. Beaver - See the Adventure in Everything
  8. Owl - Discover Your Passion
  9. Hawk - Make Awesome Things
  10. Eagle - Travel to New Places

When you complete the entire program, you'll receive an exclusive trophy with the Wild Explorers logo.



Wild Explorers MAGAZINE


As a member of the Wild Explorers Club, you'll receive a copy of the Wild Explorers magazine in the mail each month (US & Canada only for now).

Each issue is packed with articles about "Adventure Stories," "Far Out Families," "Fascinating Phenomena," "Real Life Explorers," "Interesting Creatures," "Explorer of the Month," and so much more.

We send out the magazine to everyone subscribed by the third week of the previous month. But if you miss an issue, don't worry! We upload back-issues of the magazine on the Outpost website as PDF downloads.

Not only this, but if you hashtag your photos #wildexplorersclub on Instagram, you could get featured on our feed or in the magazine itself!

You'll love this full-color magazine that will inspire you, connect you to other explorers, and provide helpful content on your own Wild Explorer journey.


weekly VIDEOs


Each week, you'll get access to a fun video from Ranger Kyle to help guide you through each assignment. They're funny, fast-paced, and full of animations to keep you engaged.




Get a group of siblings and friends to do the Wild Explorers Club together! Then visit our online shop where you can purchase official Wild Explorers t-shirts and patches. (You can order animal-themed t-shirts and patches upon the completion of each level in our "secret shop.") Go exploring and look good doing it!