Episode 4: The Flash Flood!

Mack and Cheyenne go exploring under threatening weather conditions against their better judgement and it puts them in grave danger. Ranger Aubrey must find them before it's too late.

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Episode 3: The Adventure at the Library

Ranger Aubrey, Cheyenne and Mack decide to go on an adventure without stepping foot outside! Everything is going great until Mack gets lost and stumbles into a mystery.

1 10

Episode 2: The Missing Adventure Pack

While on a nature hike with Mack and Ranger Aubrey, Cheyenne loses her adventure pack in the wild. All hope seems lost until Ranger Aubrey surprises everyone with a creative solution.

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Episode 1: Tree-search

Ranger Aubrey takes the Wild Explorers team along for a nature hike, where Mack discovers an unusual vine and Cheyenne takes up nature journaling. To the Wild!

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